The 29th Annual Newfoundland Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference

November 19, 2020, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Paper and Poster Awards

The NECEC Technical Committee solicits submissions to be considered for five paper and poster awards.

The paper and poster awards that may be awarded are:

  1. Wally Read Best Student Paper
  2. Wally Read Best Young Professionals Paper
  3. T. David Collett Best Industry Paper
  4. Byron Dawe Best Poster
  5. Women in Engineering (WIE) Best Paper

For awards (1) and (2) principal authors must be an IEEE Student Member or Young Professionals Member, respectively. Authors must indicate their IEEE numbers.

Criteria for NECEC Paper Awards

The following are guidelines that the judging panel will use in determining the awards for NECEC submissions:

  1. Simplest things first: The paper must be WELL WRITTEN and all components (including equations and figures) must be neat and clear. The ideas should flow well. The problem that is being addressed must be clearly identified.
  2. The content of the paper must focus on SUBJECT MATTER that falls within the technical scope of the IEEE.
  3. The technical content should be ORIGINAL and NOVEL. Judges will consider whether the content of the paper has already been presented or received recognition elsewhere. If this is the case, it is unlikely that the selection committee would look at it as an original submission.
  4. The DEPTH of the technical content will be considered and, if necessary, the judging panel may seek the advice of experts outside of the NECEC organizing committee.
  5. The paper will be judged finally on its TIMELINESS and the PROMISE it holds for further development.

Note: Determination of the best poster award will follow the same basic guidelines. Late papers will not be considered for awards.