NECEC 2022

The 31st Annual Newfoundland Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference

November 15, 2022
Holiday Inn St. John's Conference Centre
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Published: by Desmond Power, Chair of the 29th Annual Newfoundland Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference (NECEC 2020)

NECEC Conference

Welcome everyone to our annual Newfoundland Electrical and Computer Engineering Conference (NECEC), organized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Section of the IEEE and dedicated to the exposition of the great talent, expertise and projects that exist in the province. I am very pleased to be able to offer to everyone a very safe networking event that respects Provincial Guidance on COVID-19 while allowing our community to meet and network as we have done in years past. I thank the hard work that our organizing committee has done to assemble a technical program that showcases the excellence of our University, colleges, local industry and community at large. I am also please that we are able to have the Holiday Inn host us, as they have successfully in many previous years. These are unprecedented times and our organizing and hosting team has put unprecedented effort into making this a success.

You will note a number of differences in this event compared to previous years. The Staff at the Holiday Inn have developed innovative ideas to keep us all safe, while making sure that we can all receive the usual refreshments and lunch to keep our brains in action. They have also arranged our venue to make sure we can maintain social distancing. As an additional measure of safety, I ask that you consider downloading the Health Canada COVID Alert App. This app respects everyone’s privacy while allowing contact tracing. It has also shown to be effective when it’s used – the more people who use this app, the safer we all can be.

Considering all of the above, I hope that you will consider registering for our event and attending in person. Events like NECEC 2020 show that we can manage the ‘new normal’ and stage networking events for the promotion of our Newfoundland and Labrador economy.